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On Sunday, November 22, we learned that a person affiliated with Heart to Hand has tested positive for COVID-19. It’s important that we preserve their privacy so we cannot disclose their name. We can tell you that their last time in the office was 11/19. The person has reported that they did not come into close contact with any customers or clients since being in the office and followed all precautions while in the office.

When a person tests positive for COVID-19 they are contacted by a tracer who works to identify if that person has been in close contact with others. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) defines ‘close contact’ as less than 6 feet away for a duration of 15 minutes or more. Health dept. will contact any individuals who they determine may have had close contact with the individual who tested positive.

We are doing everything we can to support this person during quarantine. To further mitigate any risk, H2H will go back to telework/telehealth for all services. If you have any questions or need any additional support, please reach out to info@hearttohandinc.org or call 301-772-0103 and follow the prompts for the department you need. General inquiries may dial ext. 102.

Please be patient with us as we shift back to virtual services. Customer and employee safety is our highest priority as we manage this public health crisis. As always, thank you for your support and understanding. Take care and stay safe!


How We Help You Stay Healthy

Knowledge is power. Staying informed about sexually transmitted infections and how to make better health decisions is a power move.

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Having a conversation is key to maintaining sexual health and wellness.

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We help you access PrEP and test for sexually transmitted infections in the privacy of our office.

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Unlike online testing sites, our onsite medical doctor and pharmacist can treat…

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If you find out you have a STI, we are here to support you. We have people you can…

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We focus on sexual health and wellness to improve public health. We participate…

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We partner with multiple organizations to enhance sexual health outcomes where we serve.

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Latest News

eliminating HIV & AIDS


Join this virtual Zoom on November 30th with Allison Seymour from WUSA9's Get Up DC! Ask questions and get info about how to cancel HIV and AIDS. Text ELIMINATE to 65047 to register.

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Heart to Hand is now offering At-Home Test Kits for STIs that can be taken in the privacy and comfort of your home. The kits are free. Multiple tests are offered.

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What makes having the conversation about sex so difficult? This new sexual health and wellness awareness campaign creates safe spaces to discuss difficult conversations.

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Heart to Hand continues to monitor the COVID-19 response in the Greater Washington area, and particularly in Prince George's County. We have made programmatic changes.

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What Happens If?

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We have helped people reach their best sexual health since 1999

Heart To Hand educates people about and supports those affected by sexually transmitted infections, including HIV, in the Prince George’s County area.

  • Educate you about sexual health
  • Test for and treat STIs
  • Access to PrEP to prevent HIV
  • Support those living with HIV
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What We Offer You


We have a board-certified medical doctor. Dr. Delapenha can help you stay healthy.


We offer support groups that build community. We heal, grow and thrive in community.


Our onsite pharmacy is convenient. You can place and pick up your prescription.


We offer support groups that build community where you can heal, grow and thrive.

Reached 25,000

Tested 1,000

Events 35


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Know Your Status!

The best way to address all forms of illnesses such as HIV and STD is to gain sufficient knowledge about them. And, getting tested is part of it. Hence, know your status.

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Passion Vision Boards

Come join us for this fun event and learn how to manifest your visions in all aspects of your life: personal, professional, and sexual!

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Ain't I a Woman

Being a woman is a gift. Come! Attend to our awareness seminars and be inspired by our motivational speakers. And, might as well learn more about STD’s and learn how you can protect yourself from them. Most importantly, celebrate the beauty of being a woman with us!

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What’s on your mind? At Heart to Hand, we believe engaging with residents in Prince George’s County as well as Montgomery County communities is important to help you reach and maintain your sexual health and wellness goals. We listen to your observations, concerns, and questions. We share information about what sexual health is, its misconceptions, testing, and tips to live your life abundantly.

Ready to have a conversation??

Chat with us from 9 am – 9 pm (add chat box at launch)

Call 301-772-0103 during business hours to make an appointment

Email us at info@hearttohandinc.org

To serve more residents, we partner with other community organizations to bring sexual health education and STI/HIV testing to local neighborhoods. If you’re a community organization and interested in partnering with Heart to Hand, visit our partner page or email info@hearttohandinc.org.

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