A Healthy You is a Sexy You

Heart to Hand focuses on your sexual health and wellness to help you be the healthiest and sexiest version of you possible. Healthy is sexy.

We meet you where you are. Everything we do is focused on you. We help you navigate sexual health and wellness, whether it’s engaging with you, helping you access PrEP, testing, treatment or getting you the care you need.

Sexual health is more than your ability to have sex, it is sexual health and your total wellness.

office room

We are different.

We are inclusive

We meet you where you are. We engage with you in an inclusive and nonjudgmental manner. We care about your sexual health and wellness.

We welcome you

Our office is warm, inviting and filled with caring people. Heart to Hand is an intimate space for you to ask questions, get tested, treated or cared for.

We test in our office

You can get tested by medical professionals for multiple STIs. Some test results are immediate. Other results take more time.

We treat onsite

Unlike online test providers and other locations, we can treat you in our office if your test results are found positive. We also have a pharmacy onsite.

We offer no-cost or low-cost tests

Our STI tests are no cost to you or low cost. Tests for STIs can be expensive but our tests are reasonable to make STI tests accessible to all.

With you every step of the way

From information and treatment to support and care, the Heart to Hand family is with you to help you get what you need to live your best life.