Heart to Hand, Inc. (H2H) is a grassroots 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization serving the Prince George’s County community, as well as parts of Montgomery County. Conceived at the kitchen table of two African-American women, H2H opened its doors in 1999 to combat the rapid rise of HIV among African-American women. Now in its 18th year, H2H provides health support services and medical care to all low-income residents living with a chronic illness, with a focus on HIV/AIDS. H2H serves more than 200 HIV/AIDS infected clients and provides testing, health education, and resources to some 1,500 individuals annually.

H2H is uniquely qualified to reach clients where they are, provide supports that meet their needs, initiate advocacy opportunities, as well as mobilize community capital towards solving public health issues within the county. Our organization is an instrumental community resource as a result of our ability to engage residents; we locate hard-to-reach populations and assist with navigation through health and human service systems. H2H gives individuals who are infected and affected by HIV tailored and individualized care. Our comprehensive service offerings – from locating positives through in-house and street canvassing, linkage to health insurance coverage and in-house HIV care, guidance and support in reducing barriers to maintaining health, and social supports that retain persons in care for continued adherence to medication – facilitate increased quality of life, capacity for self-care, and reduction of HIV transmission.

You can get in touch with us at 301-772-0103 for more details about our advocacy.