Medical Practice Hours Wednesday 9am-4pm

Heart to Hand’s Medical Practice is active as of March 2017. Dr. Delapenha, our resident Physician, specializes in Infectious Disease care and has been in practice for more than 20 years.

If you are not already a patient with Dr. Delapenha, our medical case managers can facilitate access to care to ensure you receive medical and other supportive services beneficial to your treatment plan.

Heart to Hand, Inc. serves the following patients:

  • HIV positive persons
  • Persons seeking STI testing and treatment
  • Persons who want to be prescribed PrEP or nPEP

Scheduling an Appointment
To schedule an appointment, please call the front desk at 301-772-0103 and specify that you are a new or returning client with Dr. Delapenha. The Front Desk receptionist will collect your demographic and insurance information to create a record in the system and schedule an appointment time. If you may need transportation assistance, request to speak to the Benefits Coordinator, Erica Ward, to facilitate medical transportation.

At Your Appointment
Bring your Driver’s License or Identification as well as your insurance card to your appointment, if you will be using insurance. Insurance eligibility will be determined at the point of service, so please be sure your insurance is current to avoid delays in medical care. You will be asked to verify your information as well as complete documents to ensure confidentiality and consent to services.