• Dedra Spears-Johnson

    Dedra Spears-Johnson, MS
    Co-Founder/Executive Director
    Mrs. Spears-Johnson has over twenty (20) years of public and private health experience working with local and state health departments, physicians, FQHC’s as well as The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In her previous capacity, she served as a Representative for Merck Pharmaceuticals, a Fortune 500 company responsible for orchestrating $4.8M in sales education of pharmaceuticals and vaccines to hospitals, integrated health systems, state health departments and private sector physicians. Mrs. Spears-Johnson has also served on the Washington Metropolitan Ryan White Part A Planning Council and as Co-Chair for the Prince George’s County HIV/STI workgroup.

  • Anne Wiseman

    Anne Wiseman, LCPC
    Deputy Director
    Ms. Wiseman provides day-to-day leadership of HIV programs. She has extensive experience working with HIV infected and affected youth and adults. She also has over six (6) years of experience providing mental health counseling for youth and adults, specializing in trauma, depression and working with LGBT populations.

  • Erika Robinson Newby

    Erika Robinson Newby, LCSW-C
    Medical Case Manager
    Mrs. Robinson Newby is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker responsible for facilitating and ensuring client adherence to medical treatment for HIV. She has over three (3) years’ experience providing direct medical case management services including biopsychosocial assessments, treatment adherence counseling, and treatment care plans. Mrs. Robinson-Newby has in total over ten (10) years in counseling and psychosocial support to children, families, and adults.

  • Tawanna Sawyer

    Tawanna Sawyer, MSW Candidate
    Medical Case Manager
    Mrs. Sawyer is a master’s level social worker responsible for assessing consumer needs, as well as engaging consumers in care-coordination activities to ensure they achieve and/or maintain HIV treatment adherence. Her passion for working with disenfranchised populations has allowed her to work in a variety of settings including detention and drug rehabilitation centers, public schools and within marginalized housing communities. She has over six (6) years’ experience providing culturally sensitive, trauma informed care to individuals experiencing behavioral challenges, as well as those living with chronic diseases such as HIV.

  • Sharon Coker

    Sharon Coker
    Outreach and Community Engagement Manager
    Ms. Coker has six (6) years’ experience with the organization, previously serving as a case manager and outreach coordinator. Ms. Coker currently manages the HIV testing program, creates visibility for the organization and engages community members and institutions in health education and advocacy.

  • Dominique Smith

    Dominique Smith, MSW
    Data & Development Coordinator
    Ms. Smith manages organizational data and quality as well as supervises the Non-Medical Case Management program. Ms. Smith has been with the organization for four (4) years, developing and implementing systems and streamlining service provision. Her experience includes academic research, program evaluation, grant writing, and data systems oversight.

  • Tianna White

    Tianna White
    Public Ally/Volunteer Coordinator
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  • TaWanda Colem

    TaWanda Colem
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  • Lori Wright

    Lori Wright, MBA
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  • Baba Kaloga

    Baba Kaloga
    Operations Manager
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  • Baba Kaloga

    Andrea Montgomery
    Benefits Coordinator
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