About Us

Heart to Hand Front Desk

heart to hand station
Heart to Hand is a 501 (c)(3), community-based public health organization located in Largo, Maryland. We provide support services to those living with HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections. Heart to Hand is the leading provider of free services to those living with sexually-transmitted infections.

Our Mission is to provide support, education and resources that promote healthy lifestyles, decrease health disparities and increase access to quality health care.

Our Vision is to empower the disenfranchised by building self-esteem, self-worth and promoting responsible and healthy lifestyle choices, ultimately creating self-reliance.

Heart To Hand, Inc. was founded on the basic value of giving a “touch of love” to those in need. We believe in meeting people where they are and to provide basic kindness while reducing barriers to maintaining health and wellness. We strive to maintain these principles through the following values:

  • Advocacy – We constantly plead, support, and fight for the cause of the disenfranchised people living in our community.
  • Integrity – We treat our clients and partners with honesty, moral uprightness, and a strong sense of transparency.
  • Humanity – We strive to establish the highest standards of compassion, kindness, consideration, and sympathy for everyone we serve.
  • Leadership – We have established a vision of social influence and motivation to help our clients achieve the highest level of sustained health improvement.
  • Collaboration – We work with our clients, physicians, contract pharmacies, and partners to maximize access to health care services.
  • Mentoring – We strive to be the most powerful and recognized personal development and empowerment organization in the state of Maryland.

For your inquiries or concerns, you can reach us at 301-772-0103.